Get a Real Estate professional logo that helps your business grow and pay only $89 (pay only $19 today)

Get a Real Estate logo you’ll love, designed in less than 3 days or get your money back.


How does it work?

Step 1: Tell us about your business

01. Tell us about your business

Step 2: We'll match your project with the best designers in your industry

02. Our platform will match your project with the best designers in The Real Estate Industry

Step 3: Choose your new logo from several provided options

03. Choose your new logo
from several provided options

Step 4: You'll either love it or tell us you want to see more options

04. You'll either love it or tell us you want to see more options.

Professional Logo at
the Best Value and Quality

Industry Knowledge


You get at least three designers who know the nuts-and-bolts of the Real Estate industry.

Original designs

Original Designs

You get a logo created from scratch in order to match the specific need and branding message.
Multi-disciplinary Team

Multi-disciplinary Team

You get industry-specific designers and color specialists to create the most perfect icons.
Copyright Transfer

Copyright Transfer

We transfer 100% ownership to you directly, complete with a certificate of transfer.


You get unlimited revisions. You’re not obligated to accept the first logo the designer makes for you.


You can get unlimited redraws on the logo you’ve liked the most to experiment with.
Three Day Turnaround

Three day turnaround

Three days is all it takes to uncover the new face of your business.
Simplicity in the Process

Simplicity in the Process

Complete a simple questionnaire, and our design teams will start creating the logo.
Post-Sales Assistance

Post-Sales Assistance

Send us an email or calls is if you questions on how to better use your logo.
100% Money Back Guaranteed

100% Money back guaranteed

If at any time within 90 days of having your new logo you’re not completely satisfied with it, tell us and we’ll refund your purchase immediately. No questions asked!
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Why we do this

Our mission is to connect you with some of the most talented professional designers in the world. Designers who understand Real Estate.

A professional logo doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money. By connecting you with premium designers, you can finally get that $1,000 logo for as little as $1. You get a professional visual brand identity that can take your business to the next level of growth and increase sales.

A proper visual identity is a strong factor to whether a company grows and expands, stagnates for years or worse, closes down altogether.
A professional logo
doesn’t cost you money,
it makes you money.

Our Brand Positioning &
What Makes Us Different

There was a time where you only had two groups of design companies:

01. The first group is made up of small design studios, ad agencies, do-it-yourself websites, and freelancer websites of inexperienced designers and amateurs. Here you get an option to have a logo made for nearly free compared to big design studios. The only problem is that these types of logos may do more harm than good for your business. Some of these places may make logos business owners love, but these logos can push sales and clients away by sending the wrong brand message. This prevents businesses from growing, expanding, and scaling the way they want.

02. The second group is formed by the elite or big design studios. This group can make a logo that will definitely help companies grown, but they will charge between $10,000 to millions for a single logo.

This is exactly why the Talent Logo platform was created. An affordable third option that can get your business to the next level.

My sales have soared since I got my
new logo with you guys. Thank you Talent Logo.


Tips to Shopping for a Professional Logo at the Best Value and Quality
Talent Logo Office

technology tools

Aside from a dream team of professional design experts, we also use cutting-edge technology in visual analysis software and strategic design. And we use that knowledge to make your designs stand out. Our powerful advanced process, coupled with special algorithms, help our experienced team decide on how your brand should look to accomplish your goals. That’s what makes us different.

Eye tracking devices can compare the likeability of a new logo
Visual Software Technology can determine the grabbing attention capacity of a logo.

Some of our delighted clients

asked questions

Without questions, there’d be no answers! Here are the answers to the questions we get most often.


How does a logo make
or break your business?

Designer at Talent Logo
The most powerful tool in your
marketing toolbox is your logo.
It’s on flyers, business letters, cards,
emails. It’s everywhere your business is.

Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the first thing anyone notices about your business. Your customers, business partners, and potential clients form opinions within seconds. Having a professionally designed logo easily establishes professionalism, trustworthiness, and provides a sense of quality in the types of goods or services your business offers.

The purpose of your logo is to capture the attention of your customers, establish a connection that resonates in their mind, and sends the right message about your company. Your brand will be judged first on its appearance. Are you dressed for success? The most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox is your logo. It’s on flyers, business letters, cards, emails. It’s everywhere your business is.

Every journey starts with one step —
make sure you have the right shoes to go far.

Launching or growing a business involves many important decisions, both big and small. The choices you make today will affect your business for years to come, so it’s critical to get off to a strong start and put your business on the path to success, quality, and professionalism.


Who we are

We are a platform that connects you to the best and brightest logo designers, typographers, brand specialist, color psychologist, and marketers. These professionals work for the biggest and finest brands in the world where companies pay $10,000 or more for a logo. But they are here to offer you a professional logo, with the highest quality, at the best price.

Talent Logo Office
Designer at Talent Logo

Our designers have a passion to constantly have their creativity challenged. In their spare time they help small and medium businesses become the best brand they can be by using their extensive industry knowledge and creative design expertise.

Recent rebranding

Even the best logos in the world decay over time. Clients expectations changes, the world evolves and brands need a better look to start or to keep growing. Our team is constantly tracking the upgrades on brand design. Check below some recent examples.

You can start your own rebranding by clicking here.


Talent Logo believes in total satisfaction and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. This means you’ve got nothing to lose and an incredible brand to build. Zero risks!

Here at Talent Logo, we give you professional logo options, all made from the ground up. Since we are a group of professionals from different industry backgrounds we are able to create amazing professional logos for you fast, and since our teams are global, we always have three to five professional matches to create your perfect logo. Get your new logo and step into the next phase of your success!


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